Not everyone can be a redhead

christina-hendricks1As you may notice, today my blog has been aflutter with redheads in the news. I was going to forward my avid followers to an article about America’s Next Top Model contestant “Nicole” who some are predicting may be the first redhead winner of the contest but I didn’t appreciate the shoddy journalism in all the articles I read.  But I support Nicole in her efforts to put more redheads on the map.  Season 13 starts this month — vote for her — oh wait, Tyra is too controlling to go American Idol style.

Other redhead news that came across my radar involved the claim that not all heads can get away with the redness that I can.  I agree totally.  Not just anyone can match the superiority and wonder that is redheadedness.

Desperate Housewives Marcia Cross, Enchanted’s Amy Adams, and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks are all part of the club that can proudly say that they look good when they go red.

Not everyone has the luck.

“Creating beautiful red haircolor can be one of the most challenging hues to achieve for most hair consumers,” said Robert Hallowell in the North Dallas Examiner article Red hair may not be for every head.

But I encourage you all to be posers.  Give it a try.  But I must warn you all that when I see obvious and sadly painted up posers I will post them up on this blog — outing you forever.

But still give it a try.


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