Keep on Rocking Kathy


My favorite auburn actress and D-List comedienne Kathy Griffin has gotten her teeth in the mainstream media and is bleeding it for all it’s worth.  Under the guise of promoting her new book Official Book Club Selection, Kathy has been making the rounds to all the late-night talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Real Time with Bill Maher (a show Kathy believed she had been black-balled from because of an iffy friendship with the show’s host.)

On Jimmy Kimmel live, Kathy stretched her acting muscles by portraying the blonde mother of many — Kate Gosselin — in a spoof made for t.v. movie commercial called Kate is Enough.

The child-fearing redhead showed her celebrity maternal side in this clip where she tells her “children” to “cram a Polly Pocket” in their “pieholes!”   Any lack of acting status is clearly from the challenging feat of pretending to be a blonde with a bad weave.

Rock on Kathy, if you ever want a potty-trained, foul-mouthed adoptive daughter: Call me.


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