Making ginger love permanent

A fellow ginger and journalist maven, Emma, pointed me in the direction of this photo that brings ginger love to a whole new level of supremacy.  This person clearly has a clairvoyant gift that pushed them toward this permanent inking of the future of the ginger race.  I only wish that I had enough skin to etch my blog on me (but that might cover up much of the ginger charm and glory and I couldn’t risk that.)

I am an avid supporter of those who wish to memorialize the glory of the coppertops and will happy post anyone else’s tributes to the fairest people I know.



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One response to “Making ginger love permanent

  1. Kolea

    Oh how i long to bask in all of your ginger charm and glory, instead of only what is deemed acceptable to be shown by modern society. I say, cast off the shackles of a prudish culture, and let everyone everywhere be exposed to all of your ginger radiancy!

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