The Allure of Cinnamon Sisters

I was reading a blog on CNN posing the question of why men love scarlet misses.  The unique aspect of this article was that it was written by a man who admits his attraction to the copper countesses but that he has never been successful in courting the ruby ladies.

I’m not sure if I can closely follow anyone who writes in such a personal voice with no experience in the field, but that doesn’t mean I won’t agree with his stance now and then.

I have to admit that he is right when he states that it is far easier to find a man who is enamored of a red haired female more than finding a woman whose heart skips a beat for ginger gentlemen.  It is an unfair divide but one that is constantly reinforced every time Carrot Top shows up on a Google feed or a Friers Club Roast.

But I hope that some people like Damian Lewis and Prince Harry give the other red men some hope that they can be labeled a heartthrob.

Go out there gingers and be the object of everyone else’s affection.damian-lewis-20050718-55910



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3 responses to “The Allure of Cinnamon Sisters

  1. Reene

    He’s got my vote but, alas, I don’t look twice at married men.

  2. Jasmine

    Lovely. It’s about time Hollywood fulfilled Tom Hanks’ prediction that Damian Lewis would be the 1st red headed movie star in the world.

  3. I never thought “Gingers” were all that until Josh Homme and Damien Lewis graced my computer screen. Now, I check out every redheaded man that walks by my window. 🙂

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