‘Let’s Dance’ and be judged

I know that when I think about dancing I think . . . Kathy Griffin?

When I heard, earlier today, that Kathy Griffin landed a hosting gig on the new ABC dance competition Let’s Dance I was surprised and confused.  At first I couldn’t see the odd pairing of dance moves and the always fiery tongued and haired diva . . . until I heard it was a celebrity copycat shimmy show.  Enter celeb snipping comedienne Kathy.  Perfect fit.

What gaycon like Kathy doesn’t love watching B-list celebutante fall on their face while dancing to Grease Lightning?


In tune with all of the celeb competitions, the grand prize is $250,000 for the winner’s choice charity — I just wouldn’t trust Kathy around those Ed McMahon cardboard checks.

The new show is set to air November 23, conveniently right after the Dancing with the Stars finale and during the end of Sweeps Week — can you say ratings draw for ABC?

Who knows, maybe Kathy will draw in a different crowd of celeb media consumers and gays . . . well, probably not but I might tune in.  DVR, prepare for a new addition (at least the first show).


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