Sexiest Redheads of All Time?

While perusing the internet in search on the latest and greatest “red”dirt, I came across a nationwide poll conducted in England (we’ll get to the validity of the poll shortly) that was ranking the “Top Ten Sexiest Red Heads of All Time.”

The list read as follows:

1: Nicola Roberts

2: Prince Harry

3: Florence Welch

4: Lily Cole

5: Queen Elizabeth I

6: Geri Halliwell

7: Nicole Kidman

8: Julianne Moore

9: Marcia Cross

10: Lindsay Lohan

While I clearly appreciate the subject matter of such a poll, I had to question how this survey was conducted.  While the details were scarce, I was able to figure out that a PR company, working for the newly-hyped short film Chasing Cotards, was working with IMAX in London to start a viral buzz the upcoming release.

Image from Chasing Cotards official website

Interesting marketing technique.

This short film is being advertised as “ The Biggest Short Film Of All Time!” and is based on a obsessed artist who locks himself away with the portrait of his late (redheaded) wife.

I’m curious to know more about the film but as it stands I am even more perplexed by the answers of the sexiest redheads. More than half of the awarded few are of British (or British-crown territory) and only one of them is male.  There are some clear shut-outs that I wanted to rally for, should this type of poll be administered again.

Angie Everhart

Damien Lewis

Conan O’Brien

Lucille Ball

Robert Redford

Kate Winslet

Julia Roberts

Alicia Witt

Katharine Hepburn

Isla Fisher

And frankly it is questionable when you are ranking the sexiest redheads of all time and all of the results (with the exception of Queen Elizabeth I) are still young and gingery today. I cry foul.  A fiery, red, sexy foul.



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2 responses to “Sexiest Redheads of All Time?

  1. Susan

    Julia Roberts is not a redhead. At least, this is what *she* says.

  2. Katie

    Well, as long as a few of those on the list aren’t natural red heads, I’ll add one more. Tori Amos.

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