Gold is rather flattering on red

Wednesday night Shaun White, fellow carrot-top and epic snowboarder, won the gold in the Vancouver Olympics with his signature Double McTwist.  This was a great opportunity for the world to the success that red-tresses can bring when you let your hair down and embrace it.

The ratings also showed the commanding power of the red against American Idol. I guess AI should think about adding a little more crimson to their judging panel — I’m just saying . . . its a suggestion.

At 23, this athlete helped keep the dream alive that redheads can do it better than anyone else — and helped show how flattering gold can be on a pasty complexion.  So little gingers around the world felt a little less alone and a lot more empowered to throw on a helmet and hit the half-pipe.  And bonus: winter sports are more forgiving on our fair faces (but still don’t skip the sunscreen.)

One troubling rumor I did hear about Shaun was that he has a hard time finding dates.  From one redhead to another Shaun — wear the gold out to bars and be shameless about it (redheads aren’t known for subtlety so embrace it.)


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