Priscilla hot about redhead in “Viva Elvis”

Nostalgic musicals  seem to be a theme today as I came across the supposed huff Priscilla Presley was in when she viewed the new Cirque du Soleil show “Viva Elvis” and saw a redhead in a dance number that she thought represented the fiery Swedish co-star to Elvis in Viva Las Vegas: Ann-Margaret.

Yes, years later, hot redheads leave their scorch on the ones that felt burned.

Allegedly the red-haired vixen was nixed from the scene upon Presely’s request.

Thank you Las Vegas Review Journal for reminding me of, yet another, hot redhead that I need to add to my growing list of Famous Gingers.

*As a twist of irony — Priscilla apparently had dyed-red hair at the time of the event*

Oh how we scorn the ones we aspire to emulate.  JK Priscilla — it’s all in fiery fun!


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