The color this season: Red

While past seasons have given all the emphasis to the peroxide blonds or the sultry jet black hair of Bettie Page doppelgangers, this season is drenched in copper, crimson and maraschino. People looking at billboard around the nation are seeing red and many are trying to swipe those as ideas for their next trip to the salon.

As advertisements, runways and celebs start transitioning to ginger tones, the public is adding redhead to the list of vibrantly beautiful features to be desired.  And I, for one, couldn’t be happier. This is coming at a time when gingerism is one the rise and all efforts to block the trend of negative energy toward the coppertops is a plus in my book.

It’s nice to see some diversity is what is considered sexy, especially when I keep hearing people like Patti Stanger (Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmater) bash the beauty of the ballsy redheads. We are beautiful and, yes, we have balls — get used to it!

So kudos to St. John and H&M for printing us redheads out loud, large and proud.  Keep it coming!


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