The Luck of the Irish was with Me

I have to admit that there is something magical about Saint Patrick’s Day.  I don’t know if it’s the shamrocks or the rainbows or the emerald green found on every person on the street, but around this time of year I feel the luck of the Irish flowing through my veins.

Today I was scheduled to go to court for an obstruction of justice charge against me.

[In the early hours of Jan. 31 I was called to a Mission warehouse, by the managing editor of my school paper, to shoot photos of police breaking up a party where SF State and other students were celebrating their freedom after some political protesting.

I rushed to the scene and clearly identified myself as press but was nonetheless arrested for “impeding an ongoing investigation” and was hauled off to the police station. As a journalist, I felt that these charges and the whole event was a reminder that smaller media outlets still have to fight to prove their validity and I am still looking to bring more attention to that concern. *]

But I think that St. Patrick was watching over me and the luck of luck of the Irish was with me today. The charges against me were dropped and I am free to celebrate the closest holiday that I can find to celebrate being a redhead.

*I hope to write more about this controversial event soon.


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  1. interesting life you have , must be the red hair.

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