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Happy Redhead Appreciation Day!

Were you wondering why today felt so special? Maybe you weren’t.

But, nonetheless, today has been dubbed Redhead Appreciation Day.
Wait, you say. But my calendar has no such reminder of the worthy day to stop and take notice of the auburn amazingness.
I too was victim to the same level of shock, for my vintage Hawaiian calender reminds me of such recognizable gems as Nunavut Day (CAN), Marine Day (JPN) and Eid Ul-Fitr (ISLAM) but no mention that July 11th marks the day I should appreciate my strawberry locks.
Then I took a breath and Googled.
It turns out that this special day was created by Marble Slab Creamery to celebrate the single greatest hair color (If I were to insert a link here it would just be to Conan O’Brien or Tilda Swinton) and offer people sporting copper curls with a scoop of red velvet ice cream.

So whether you have them, love them, covet them, or curse them — if you can shake them or fake them — today is your day to revel and get free ice cream.


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Red Fever This Week

This week I keep seeing famous redheads making headlines.  I think it could be the Irish love that people are feeling this month that makes them wonder what all the gingers are up to lately. Here are some redheads in the news today —

Happy St. P’s Day from Copper Commentary.


Tomorrow Kathy Griffin will be in D.C. to march for the reapeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”  This action by Griffin is hot off the heels of her Law & Order SVU appearance as the leader of a lesbian group. Griffin has been commended for her continued efforts to get LGBT individuals equality in the US.



Anything Conan O’Brien does at this point is right and great. As he sells out his newly announced: Legally Prohibited from being Funny on Television Tour, the redhead laugh-factory is allegedly signing on for a documentary that will follow his comedy tour.

He is also allegedly in talks with Fox to start up a talk show when his TV barring contract expires in September.

This redhead is managing to gain more fame off-camera than on (and it isn’t because of Sex Rehab or Airport arrests).

Bravo CoCo – Bravo.


The proud redhead, Julianne Moore, is making her return to 30 Rock and As The World Turns and bringing a little crimson color to the TV sets of millions of homes across the country. All of this while juggling her busy film schedule.

It seems that people can’t get enough of Moore — but honestly, look at her!


After news broke this week that kate Winslet was splitting from her director husband Sam Mendes, people began speculating if the award of Best Actress brought with it a curse of failing marriages?

Apparently the gossip rags are keeping track, and the odds are if you win BA Oscar, you’ll soon be in divorce court. Such has been the case for Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank.

But all we are hearing from Winslet is that she hopes to be a guest judge on Top Chef. Just don’t eat your feelings Winslet, you look amazing right now.

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@LovelyButton is doing good

So the other day I posted about the girl the Conan O’Brien is following and how I hoped that she would use this opportunity for good rather than evil. Well Sarah Killen, good job! The Huffington Post posted an article about how Killen is using the 19,000 + followers she gained in 3 days to raise money for breast cancer.

I say keep up the good work — and don’t forget the redhead that got you all the fame . . . (Conan — not me.)

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Redheads following people just got more acceptable

So for this blog I try to add a redhead spotting every now and again.  Essentially I spot a redhead on the street or in my school or even on the bus and snap a shot of them to upload and raise awareness that were are here and we are all AWESOME.  But sometimes I feel a little like, how should I say this . . . A STALKER.  But, as you all know, I am harmless.

Well imagine my surprise when I get a Tweet update a few minutes ago from @ConanOBrien saying: I’ve decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change.

Maybe its a redhead thing but following people is a trend (by trend I mean at least two of us are doing it.)

And Sarah Killen (@LovelyButton) seems to love it as per her post: Having a lame ass day, Russell Bigos is an idiot. And Conan O’Brien is THE SHIT.

Within 15 minutes, @LovelyButton gained over 1,000 new followers.  Yes Conan, her life is changing thanks to my favorite Late-Night redhead. (Too bad Sarah isn’t a redhead)

I hope that I am able to change the lives of the redheads I follow too.

One can dream.

— IF YOU SEE SARAH — Tell her Copper Commentary says, HI!

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. . . Then there was Conan

At 2:54 p.m. on February 24 Conan tweeted two sentences that resonated with thousands of twitter patriots: Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.

That was all it took.

Twitterers and Twitterettes jumped at the opportunity to help him by following his every tweet.

And that Twitter photo.  So clearly provocative and seductive

Nearly 48 hours later he had grown a following of more than 400,000. The currently stuck-in-limbo redheaded maven has proven that his absence has left people waiting, wanting.

And his Twitter bio.  So clearly filled with pain and absence — but full of irony and technological humor: I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account.

As with countless other people and professions, Conan has not simply embraced the new ways of communicating with masses but he has turned it on its ear by mocking it and keeping his following alive.

Bravo Conan — at least one redhead is paying attention. What will you do next?

Post script: As I spent 20 minutes writing this blog post, Conan gained 800 more faithfuls on his Twitter page.

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Sexiest Redheads of All Time?

While perusing the internet in search on the latest and greatest “red”dirt, I came across a nationwide poll conducted in England (we’ll get to the validity of the poll shortly) that was ranking the “Top Ten Sexiest Red Heads of All Time.”

The list read as follows:

1: Nicola Roberts

2: Prince Harry

3: Florence Welch

4: Lily Cole

5: Queen Elizabeth I

6: Geri Halliwell

7: Nicole Kidman

8: Julianne Moore

9: Marcia Cross

10: Lindsay Lohan

While I clearly appreciate the subject matter of such a poll, I had to question how this survey was conducted.  While the details were scarce, I was able to figure out that a PR company, working for the newly-hyped short film Chasing Cotards, was working with IMAX in London to start a viral buzz the upcoming release.

Image from Chasing Cotards official website

Interesting marketing technique.

This short film is being advertised as “ The Biggest Short Film Of All Time!” and is based on a obsessed artist who locks himself away with the portrait of his late (redheaded) wife.

I’m curious to know more about the film but as it stands I am even more perplexed by the answers of the sexiest redheads. More than half of the awarded few are of British (or British-crown territory) and only one of them is male.  There are some clear shut-outs that I wanted to rally for, should this type of poll be administered again.

Angie Everhart

Damien Lewis

Conan O’Brien

Lucille Ball

Robert Redford

Kate Winslet

Julia Roberts

Alicia Witt

Katharine Hepburn

Isla Fisher

And frankly it is questionable when you are ranking the sexiest redheads of all time and all of the results (with the exception of Queen Elizabeth I) are still young and gingery today. I cry foul.  A fiery, red, sexy foul.


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What happens when gingers collide?


In the continuous whoring-out odyssey of her book tour, the always vivacious and eternally crimson Kathy Griffin collided with the sizably statured Conan O’Brien on the Late Show this week — showing that the world doesn’t have to come to an end when two comedic coppers converge.

While Kathy continued to insist that the two went on a date during their stints with the comedy troupe, The Groundlings, Conan seemed to remember otherwise. To think, they could have propagated a whole line of redhaired jokesters to help save the race — but alas, no luck there as Kathy Griffin has her eye on a younger Alaskan star, Levi Johnston.

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