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Esquires’ Woman: Scarlet Siren Christina Hendricks

Esquires'Esquire called it and I whole-heartedly endorse it.  The woman we love this year is the always alluring and seductive Christina Hendricks. With a body that belongs on 1950s pin-up calendars and a mouth befitting a sailor, this vivacious vixen has stolen the hearts of many – including me.

The newly married, curvaceous, 35-year old from Mad Men is helping chip away the beauty boundaries in Hollywood and I salute her. I’m off to go buy a dozen copies and pin them up everywhere.

Granted the photos aren’t Christina in all her natural glory (as pointed out by Salon.com) but I’m taking the gifts as they come. She is still gorgeous and worthy of all the fabulous titles Esquire is willing to bestow on her.

What are you waiting for?  Go out there and get a copy.


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