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Second Redhead World Gathering Approaching

Don't get confused -- the event is August 7th -- this is just a visual aid. *Tricky Tricky*

The fact that Redhead Appreciation Day snuck up on me today was a cautionary tale and a reminder that we need to mark our various iCal and physical calendars (if you have one) with the necessary auburn adventures.

I am giving all of you ample time to coordinate Hipmunk and Kayak deals to book your flights to Ohio for the Redhead World photo shoot where your face can become synonymous with reveling in all that is red.

The Irish Festival that happened last year resulted in a photo of 200 gingers from far and wide and their site currently has nearly 3,000 members.

A shocking visual reminder that 200 redheads can occupy one spot -- From RedheadWorld's website

So go ahead and get out those mobile devices or month-at-a-glance monstrosities that have since been replaced with iPads and mark August 7th as a Sunday for observing your unique locks in some random backroad in Ohio that you would likely never go to except to celebrate how special you are.


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Award-winning locks

On my search through the interwebs for more wild and wicked news on redheads I came across the empowering story of six-year-old Ryan McAllister and his award winning head of red hair.  But more shocking than this child winning with his Richie Cunningham appearance was the fact that Milwaukee’s Irish Festival actually has, not only, a children’s red hair contest but also a children’s freckles contest.

Sadly there are no details on how the judges rate these children.  Is there a color of copper that they hold in higher esteem? A grouping or distribution of freckles that is preferable? And who is qualified to judge these fair gingers?  Carrot-Top?  Shirley Temple? And why just children? Am I too old for this judgement?   These questions boggle the mind.

Either way — Congrats Ryan McAllister.  Wear your red hair proudly.


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