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Red Fever This Week

This week I keep seeing famous redheads making headlines.  I think it could be the Irish love that people are feeling this month that makes them wonder what all the gingers are up to lately. Here are some redheads in the news today —

Happy St. P’s Day from Copper Commentary.


Tomorrow Kathy Griffin will be in D.C. to march for the reapeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”  This action by Griffin is hot off the heels of her Law & Order SVU appearance as the leader of a lesbian group. Griffin has been commended for her continued efforts to get LGBT individuals equality in the US.



Anything Conan O’Brien does at this point is right and great. As he sells out his newly announced: Legally Prohibited from being Funny on Television Tour, the redhead laugh-factory is allegedly signing on for a documentary that will follow his comedy tour.

He is also allegedly in talks with Fox to start up a talk show when his TV barring contract expires in September.

This redhead is managing to gain more fame off-camera than on (and it isn’t because of Sex Rehab or Airport arrests).

Bravo CoCo – Bravo.


The proud redhead, Julianne Moore, is making her return to 30 Rock and As The World Turns and bringing a little crimson color to the TV sets of millions of homes across the country. All of this while juggling her busy film schedule.

It seems that people can’t get enough of Moore — but honestly, look at her!


After news broke this week that kate Winslet was splitting from her director husband Sam Mendes, people began speculating if the award of Best Actress brought with it a curse of failing marriages?

Apparently the gossip rags are keeping track, and the odds are if you win BA Oscar, you’ll soon be in divorce court. Such has been the case for Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank.

But all we are hearing from Winslet is that she hopes to be a guest judge on Top Chef. Just don’t eat your feelings Winslet, you look amazing right now.

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Kathy squares of against Palin

Its a catfight that screams pay-per-view or old-school claymation. Kathy Griffin decided to take the joke-worthy Palin phenomena back to its Wasilla roost on Friday and has gotten a loud reaction from Palin 2012 enthusiasts.

Adrienne Ross from motovationtruth.com wrote:

No matter your political party or your obsession with all things Palin–something Griffin admits to–relegating those who have served their states and their nation to positions of prostitute and john, just to get a few laughs from a few like-minded perverts, is not only unfunny; it’s un-American.

Sounds like someone got a little riled up by a redhead and her feisty antics.

And Kathy, in her true showboating nature, even videoed herself “visiting” the Palin home and made several jokes at the former VP candidate/resigning Gov. of Alaska during a standup special in the hockey mom’s home state — but you be the judge if Kathy crossed a line during her routine.

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Kathy is a page turner


Kathy Griffin has pissed off a lot of people in Hollywood for outing their addictions, marital screw-ups, crazy family members and public failures.  And in her new book Official Book Club Selection: A memoir according to Kathy Griffin, she does more of the same – but the joke is usually on her. The always vivacious and opportunity-seeking Kathy has proven that she isn’t afraid of turning the tables on the major missteps and struggles she had clawing her way up the D-list.

Book Club is written in the same hair salon conversational storytelling language that Kathy is known for in her stand-up.  The title, alone, marks the attitude Kathy has trademarked – an idea that if I label it like an Oprah Book Selection then people will buy it and Oprah will have to recognize it: $$$.

Each, shocking and bluntly titled, chapter exposes more of the comedienne’s trials – from the difficulty of growing up as an awkward, gawky girl in rural Chicago (They Barked, They Laughed) and failing miserably as a stand-up comic (To Live and Bomb in LA) to cosmetic surgery mishaps (Nip/Fucked) and a pathological husband who stole a chunk of her wallet on the way out (My Marriage Ends). Kathy prepares for full disclosure and manages to poke fun at a celebrity or two in the process. Sorry Brooke Shields and Helen Hunt – what were you expecting?

Like any performer, the quintessential talk show question is, “When did you know you wanted to be in show business?” And Kathy isn’t shy about her ravenous thirst for attention at all costs.  She spent most of her early years telling neighborhood parents about the questionable discipline in her household and how she would host late-night talk shows in her living room.

But it was The Mary Tyler Moore Show that truly inspired Kathy to think about a life in the world of entertainment as a viable future.

“I’ll never forget that awesome apartment with the big M on the wall, and how beautiful Mary was.  But when Rhoda burst through the door in her Gypsy hairscarf, billowy caftan, and hilariously abrasive delivery, I was like, ‘Who is that? Oh my God!’ That’s when I fell in love with wanting to be a sidekick.”

A sidekick.  That would set the bar, questionably low – but attainable, for the ginger gal who would go on to become one of t.v.’s memorable sitcom comic reliefs.

Despite breaking through and becoming a name in show business, Kathy has become a regular inside-outsider.  She may have an IMDB page, but her ratings are never stealer. She gets invited to the Emmy’s, but she usually has to show up for the daytime show with the less renowned awards.  She is always one velvet rope away from the “real party.”  But that’s what keeps her sharp and honest to her fans.

Kathy is unapologetic about her disdain for actresses who are comfortably seated behind the elite velvet rope, equipped with ass-kissers and bottle service.  She doesn’t hesitate that her stomach turns at the sound of actresses re-telling their hardknock sob-stories to Oprah.  That means you Jewel. And you Hilary Swank.

“Cry me a fucking river, Hilary.  You star in a Karate Kid movie at nineteen, and win two Oscars by thirty. Go fuck yourself.”

She calls these performance gods out on the carpet and reminds them that they can’t weep poverty and hard times with gusto in Ferragamo and Dior.

While her tell-all book is surprisingly light on drug addictions, unplanned pregnancy or rehabilitation centers –especially for a mainstream comedienne, her story is truly inspiring and humorous. Hopefully she is taking notes for the follow-up which could undoubtedly be titled, The Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Memoir: According to Dr. Kathy Griffin. Hint, hint.

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‘Let’s Dance’ and be judged

I know that when I think about dancing I think . . . Kathy Griffin?

When I heard, earlier today, that Kathy Griffin landed a hosting gig on the new ABC dance competition Let’s Dance I was surprised and confused.  At first I couldn’t see the odd pairing of dance moves and the always fiery tongued and haired diva . . . until I heard it was a celebrity copycat shimmy show.  Enter celeb snipping comedienne Kathy.  Perfect fit.

What gaycon like Kathy doesn’t love watching B-list celebutante fall on their face while dancing to Grease Lightning?


In tune with all of the celeb competitions, the grand prize is $250,000 for the winner’s choice charity — I just wouldn’t trust Kathy around those Ed McMahon cardboard checks.

The new show is set to air November 23, conveniently right after the Dancing with the Stars finale and during the end of Sweeps Week — can you say ratings draw for ABC?

Who knows, maybe Kathy will draw in a different crowd of celeb media consumers and gays . . . well, probably not but I might tune in.  DVR, prepare for a new addition (at least the first show).

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Kathy goes “Balls” out


What more could one ask for than more Kathy for the holidays. Tomorrow the divine Ms. Griffin will be premiering her 7th stand-up special ion Bravo. I’ll be there — will you?
Her latest special, currently titled Balls of Steel promises to be chock full of foul language, lots of opinions and … few facts.

The rambunctious redhead is making promises and I hope she’ll be able to deliver. Good luck Kathy.

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What happens when gingers collide?


In the continuous whoring-out odyssey of her book tour, the always vivacious and eternally crimson Kathy Griffin collided with the sizably statured Conan O’Brien on the Late Show this week — showing that the world doesn’t have to come to an end when two comedic coppers converge.

While Kathy continued to insist that the two went on a date during their stints with the comedy troupe, The Groundlings, Conan seemed to remember otherwise. To think, they could have propagated a whole line of redhaired jokesters to help save the race — but alas, no luck there as Kathy Griffin has her eye on a younger Alaskan star, Levi Johnston.

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Keep on Rocking Kathy


My favorite auburn actress and D-List comedienne Kathy Griffin has gotten her teeth in the mainstream media and is bleeding it for all it’s worth.  Under the guise of promoting her new book Official Book Club Selection, Kathy has been making the rounds to all the late-night talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Real Time with Bill Maher (a show Kathy believed she had been black-balled from because of an iffy friendship with the show’s host.)

On Jimmy Kimmel live, Kathy stretched her acting muscles by portraying the blonde mother of many — Kate Gosselin — in a spoof made for t.v. movie commercial called Kate is Enough.

The child-fearing redhead showed her celebrity maternal side in this clip where she tells her “children” to “cram a Polly Pocket” in their “pieholes!”   Any lack of acting status is clearly from the challenging feat of pretending to be a blonde with a bad weave.

Rock on Kathy, if you ever want a potty-trained, foul-mouthed adoptive daughter: Call me.

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