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Red Hot Betty White gets hair to match?

Well ever since the Super Bowl commercial that brought Betty White front and center in the entertainment world, the woman has been RED HOT!

She hosted SNL, posed for a calendar, made the late-night circuit and started a new TV Land sitcom.

Now she seems to be getting some red hair to match her hottness factor . . . at least on Hot in Cleveland.

I say rock on Betty! Don’t let all those young redheads from True Blood get all the attention. There is plenty of redheaded love to go around.


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The red from downunder

The Aussies have caught some scarlet fever – the hair not the disease.

The newly elected and sworn in Prime Minister Julia Eileen Gillard is a card-carrying member of the red (haired) party and is proud of it. But dissenters aren’t shying away from the opportunity to slam the scarlet siren based greatly on her troublesome tresses.

And rather than speaking feverishly about the PM’s stance on tax reform or indigenous rights, groups and discussions have launched. One such snub at PM Gillard is a Facebook group called: Don’t you hate it when you wake up and a ranga is ruling your country?

(Gillard is the first female Prime Minister of Australia and, on top of that, the first leader sans wedding ring. — You’d think there would be place for pacesetting praise?)

And despite the humor at the expense of the gorgeously recessive gene, another strong redhead is throwing her hat in the ring for the Australia Labor party.

Nikolee Ansell has started her campaign with a red splash, creating promotional material that reads: Red Head Power, Vote 1 ALP!

And her campaign is strong on change, as she aims to boot out the incumbent that has had the seat for 20+ years, National Party leader Warren Truss.

I say shake things up redheads and help reduce the stigma and prevalences of gingerism from the top down.

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Ginger Shout-out to Other Gingers

So I was surfing through the interwebs in search of redheads discussing their pride on St. Patrick’s Day and came across some really great blogs/columnists that I can’t help but support.

The first is a redhead on the Roanoke Times staff by the name of Lindsey Nair.  She wrote this article about her new love of Guinness.   I might have to follow this carrot-top and see what else she churns out.

Then I found a blog (Raising Redheads) written by a redhead, Ramee, who is chronicling her pregnancy (of a possible redhead) and the upbringing of two copper-top toddlers Nora and Braden.  Her heartfelt blog is compelling to read and I’m sure my mother would have loved this type of outlet when raising her redhead.

But one of my fav’s thus far is RubyMutant: This is Ginger Nation.  Written with all the humor and flippant style that a redhead can truly enjoy. I recommend checking out her points of view on redhead history and fabulousness.

I also found The Quirky Redhead, Redhead Fashionista and Redheads and More Redheads.


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Red Fever This Week

This week I keep seeing famous redheads making headlines.  I think it could be the Irish love that people are feeling this month that makes them wonder what all the gingers are up to lately. Here are some redheads in the news today —

Happy St. P’s Day from Copper Commentary.


Tomorrow Kathy Griffin will be in D.C. to march for the reapeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”  This action by Griffin is hot off the heels of her Law & Order SVU appearance as the leader of a lesbian group. Griffin has been commended for her continued efforts to get LGBT individuals equality in the US.



Anything Conan O’Brien does at this point is right and great. As he sells out his newly announced: Legally Prohibited from being Funny on Television Tour, the redhead laugh-factory is allegedly signing on for a documentary that will follow his comedy tour.

He is also allegedly in talks with Fox to start up a talk show when his TV barring contract expires in September.

This redhead is managing to gain more fame off-camera than on (and it isn’t because of Sex Rehab or Airport arrests).

Bravo CoCo – Bravo.


The proud redhead, Julianne Moore, is making her return to 30 Rock and As The World Turns and bringing a little crimson color to the TV sets of millions of homes across the country. All of this while juggling her busy film schedule.

It seems that people can’t get enough of Moore — but honestly, look at her!


After news broke this week that kate Winslet was splitting from her director husband Sam Mendes, people began speculating if the award of Best Actress brought with it a curse of failing marriages?

Apparently the gossip rags are keeping track, and the odds are if you win BA Oscar, you’ll soon be in divorce court. Such has been the case for Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank.

But all we are hearing from Winslet is that she hopes to be a guest judge on Top Chef. Just don’t eat your feelings Winslet, you look amazing right now.

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The Luck of the Irish was with Me

I have to admit that there is something magical about Saint Patrick’s Day.  I don’t know if it’s the shamrocks or the rainbows or the emerald green found on every person on the street, but around this time of year I feel the luck of the Irish flowing through my veins.

Today I was scheduled to go to court for an obstruction of justice charge against me.

[In the early hours of Jan. 31 I was called to a Mission warehouse, by the managing editor of my school paper, to shoot photos of police breaking up a party where SF State and other students were celebrating their freedom after some political protesting.

I rushed to the scene and clearly identified myself as press but was nonetheless arrested for “impeding an ongoing investigation” and was hauled off to the police station. As a journalist, I felt that these charges and the whole event was a reminder that smaller media outlets still have to fight to prove their validity and I am still looking to bring more attention to that concern. *]

But I think that St. Patrick was watching over me and the luck of luck of the Irish was with me today. The charges against me were dropped and I am free to celebrate the closest holiday that I can find to celebrate being a redhead.

*I hope to write more about this controversial event soon.

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The color this season: Red

While past seasons have given all the emphasis to the peroxide blonds or the sultry jet black hair of Bettie Page doppelgangers, this season is drenched in copper, crimson and maraschino. People looking at billboard around the nation are seeing red and many are trying to swipe those as ideas for their next trip to the salon.

As advertisements, runways and celebs start transitioning to ginger tones, the public is adding redhead to the list of vibrantly beautiful features to be desired.  And I, for one, couldn’t be happier. This is coming at a time when gingerism is one the rise and all efforts to block the trend of negative energy toward the coppertops is a plus in my book.

It’s nice to see some diversity is what is considered sexy, especially when I keep hearing people like Patti Stanger (Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmater) bash the beauty of the ballsy redheads. We are beautiful and, yes, we have balls — get used to it!

So kudos to St. John and H&M for printing us redheads out loud, large and proud.  Keep it coming!

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Kathy squares of against Palin

Its a catfight that screams pay-per-view or old-school claymation. Kathy Griffin decided to take the joke-worthy Palin phenomena back to its Wasilla roost on Friday and has gotten a loud reaction from Palin 2012 enthusiasts.

Adrienne Ross from motovationtruth.com wrote:

No matter your political party or your obsession with all things Palin–something Griffin admits to–relegating those who have served their states and their nation to positions of prostitute and john, just to get a few laughs from a few like-minded perverts, is not only unfunny; it’s un-American.

Sounds like someone got a little riled up by a redhead and her feisty antics.

And Kathy, in her true showboating nature, even videoed herself “visiting” the Palin home and made several jokes at the former VP candidate/resigning Gov. of Alaska during a standup special in the hockey mom’s home state — but you be the judge if Kathy crossed a line during her routine.

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