The red from downunder

The Aussies have caught some scarlet fever – the hair not the disease.

The newly elected and sworn in Prime Minister Julia Eileen Gillard is a card-carrying member of the red (haired) party and is proud of it. But dissenters aren’t shying away from the opportunity to slam the scarlet siren based greatly on her troublesome tresses.

And rather than speaking feverishly about the PM’s stance on tax reform or indigenous rights, groups and discussions have launched. One such snub at PM Gillard is a Facebook group called: Don’t you hate it when you wake up and a ranga is ruling your country?

(Gillard is the first female Prime Minister of Australia and, on top of that, the first leader sans wedding ring. — You’d think there would be place for pacesetting praise?)

And despite the humor at the expense of the gorgeously recessive gene, another strong redhead is throwing her hat in the ring for the Australia Labor party.

Nikolee Ansell has started her campaign with a red splash, creating promotional material that reads: Red Head Power, Vote 1 ALP!

And her campaign is strong on change, as she aims to boot out the incumbent that has had the seat for 20+ years, National Party leader Warren Truss.

I say shake things up redheads and help reduce the stigma and prevalences of gingerism from the top down.


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One response to “The red from downunder

  1. Nikolee Ansell

    Hello, How bizarre to find myself on your site. Red Head fever is rife down here. I am getting lots of comments about having the same colour hair as our Julia. I have had to show some people my freckles to convince them I haven’t just dyed my hair for the election campaign. People are funny.

    I have got a really fun ‘red head power’ poster graphic I can send you if you email me back.

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